Ideas. Aesthetics. Code.

The Studio

View Source is ideas, aesthetics, and code. Our studio removes the barriers between idea and implementation.

New York Studio 79 West St #204 Brooklyn, New York USA


  • Pantone
  • Edie Parker
  • Harry’s
  • Vogue Italia
  • PLINK!
  • Clair Obscur
  • Breef
  • Spring Place
  • Sounds
  • Les Filles
  • Transatlantic
  • Marla Aaron
  • Rasasvada
  • William Gray
  • LaQuan Smith
  • Banza
  • LDMA
  • Andrew Rhoda
  • Umamicart
  • Bo-House
  • Palm Tree Crew
  • iTechArt
  • Caudalie
  • UnHide
  • General Assembly
  • DAX Design
  • Stickbulb
  • Touchland
  • New York or Nowhere
  • Bandit Running
  • Better Booch
  • Cityblock
  • Raymond Nicolas
  • Eboost
  • Belli Welli
  • Aura Bora
  • Ruby
  • Magic Spoon
  • Gotham Greens
  • Luminary
  • MoFe
  • Invisible North
  • Artemis
  • Howl
  • Contact Sports
  • Newfront
  • 9m88
  • Memento
  • AEG


There’s a time for mistakes, where we interrogate what’s known, peel back the layers, consider the references, then sit back and purely think about the possibilities without the burden of references. The key is to avoid being a perfectionist; hand and brain, closed eyes, open eyes. Put it all down on the table and avoid the temptation of the obvious. Divergent thinking over the convergent.


There’s a time for craft and intention, where there are of course unknowns to be explored, and the knowns are brought to life in a skillful manner. Theory is pushed into output and in the end one’s perception is under constant improvement. It is not so much about seeing what no one has seen, but to build what nobody has thought yet about what everybody sees.


There’s a time when it all simply has to work. Although it may be nonconformist, the standards must be understood in order to build successfully away from the easily-forgotten standard. This is about the alloy of clarity and complexity, and when it’s really right, it materializes on the page in way where utility and soul are harmoniously symbiotic.

Team trips upstate to Hudson, NY

Ross Vandenhoeck Partner + Experiential Director


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Creation
  • Content Creation
  • Product Design
  • UI Design
  • Shopify and Shopify Plus
  • Booking Platforms
  • Editorial Platforms
  • Conversion Optimization

Our approach

The source is art, the source is human, the source is non-binary, it is insect, cosmic dust, prose, poetry, dirt, space, time and space-time.

Through peeling back the layers to seek the source, our studio constantly develops new eyes. Our vision is to align ideas, aesthetics and code into one. Ultimately they are one, they are the source. Because the fact is, the source is a vision, the source is code, the source is art, the source is human, the source is non-binary; it is insect, cosmic dust, prose, poetry, dirt, space, time and space-time.

The combination of one thing with another is how we build the world around us. That is the basic form of an idea. One idea leads to another, influencing and influenced through their interaction. Draw from the source as a resource, observe and listen quietly, withhold judgement. Question what is this ‘*me’* and direct focus to how can this ‘*me’* becomes ‘*we’;* that is precisely when one starts thinking about ‘*us’*. Anything can be improved, and as humans we tend to forget what the current world was like before x, y and z existed.

The source of our present is in constant evaluation as the world and the future is insistent on the new. The source allows us to have a point of view, many points of view in fact, multidimensional. We know what we don’t know, and that’s always where we start. Because asking “what else is out there that we haven’t figured out yet?” and “what do we think about what everybody sees that nobody has thought yet?” are much better questions than “what is working that everyone else is doing?”.

Lu Yu Digital Design Director

Lu Yu Digital Design Director of View Source

Brendan McAuliffe Design Director

Jen Hung Developer

Klaus Chin Senior Developer

Klaus Chin

Erica Silver Senior Designer

Taipei City Studio 9F, No. 156, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Taipei City, Taiwan

View Source Taipei Office

Chin Yuan Development Manager

Annie Chen Designer

Andrew Rutledge Partner + Creative Director

Andrew Rutledge Creative Director and Partner of View Source

Jen Yuan Partner + Experiential Director

Irene Chang Developer

First Studio Party Château View Source's Premier Summer Soirée

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View Source x Source Adage "Hudson 314" candles

MJ Song Graphic Design Intern Summer 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Interviewed by The Brand Identity

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